1 Month Service



Please be sure to login during checkout with your account YOU created to pay in the beginning.  This is not the same username and password you use to log into your device to watch StarLink that is all numbers.  Your payment login usually is your first and last name with a period in the middle (john.doe)  If you forgot your password you have the option to reset it.  If you still have difficultly please let us know.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  You will not get credit to your account as it will create a completely new account number.


DO NOT allow anyone else to use your account.  Also don’t log into your account on another wifi/internet.  This will cause your account to lock and will cost $25 to unlock.



There is an update to the SoPlayer app.
Here are the instructions to update it:
Uninstall the current app.
Please google how to uninstall an app from firestick if you don’t know how to as we are very covered up with this update and can’t walk you through it.
Open Downloader app.  Update if asked.
Choose the browser option to the left in Downloader.
At the top of the browser option in Downloader type this in exactly, noting that soplayer isn’t spelled properly;
Download and install the new app.  Log into the app using your username and password.  The Provider id is 455